Breaking: West Michigan Hawks team folds, will not participate in playoff game

In a surprising announcement, West Michigan Hawks owner David Lange has confirmed that the team will cease operations, and will not be playing in their playoff game scheduled for August 13.

“This stems beyond the issues that the Hawks had,” said Lange. “This is an issue with semi pro football in general. There are a lot of issues at this level that I do not find acceptable. Some examples include owners allowing their players to drink on alcohol free grounds, (players/coaches) starting fights with no consequence, and players fighting with other players, refs, coaches, owners etc. These are only a few things out of many that cross my mind or that have happened. It was my dream and passion to not only put on a great family event, but to help those in need in the process. It takes a collective effort from all teams involved to make these things happen, and I do not feel that we can successfully do that, as there are only a handful of semi pro teams who aspire to do the same.”

The Hawks had a two year run in the Minor League Football Alliance, which saw them win the league’s “Organization of the Year” award in 2015, the team’s first year of existence. The team won their first four games of the 2016 season, before dropping their last four to close out the regular season. They were scheduled to travel south for a matchup with the Battle Creek Coyotes in the first round of the playoffs, but will no longer be making the trip.

Over the course of their two years, the team was able to raise funds and awareness for numerous causes, including Brison Ricker (16 year old battling a brain tumor), Libby Walla (3 year old battling periventricular leukomalasia), Shae Brophy (brain tumor), Stephanie Cornwell (breast cancer) the family of Charlie Finch (who passed away in an auto accident), and Alan Beamer (suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s Disease).

“I’d like to sincerely thank every single person who helped with the organization over the last two years,” said Lange. “Everyone from those who ran the concession stands at our home games, to those who ran the chains during the games. Josh Morris, who controlled the audio/music at home games. Shae Brophy, who announced our home games. Scott Fuller, who painted the field for us before each game.  Friends of Skinner Field for allowing us to play at their facility. All of our sponsors, such as Cutting Edge Homes, David Ringler and the Cedar Springs Brewing Company, Vasaio Life Spa, KC’s Kones and Coneys, and the Cedar Springs Fire Department and medical response team. All the players who stuck it out until the very end, and coaches Rashaad Powell and Michael Henderson. Last but most definitely not least, the fans/community. Without the support of the fans and the community, none of what we accomplished would have been possible.”

Lange has a unique appreciation for the game of football, and plans to continue getting valuable experience in the realm of coaching. “I am all about progression,” he said. “I will continue to learn the game of football, and continue to coach at the youth level until another progression opportunity arises. When one door closes another opens. I aspire to inspire.”