Celtic takes down Rangers in Glasgow

Moussa Dembele scored three goals as Celtic FC reminded Rangers exactly who the Scottish Premiership League belongs to, winning 4-1 Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland.

I spent Saturday morning waiting for the crowds to arrive for a breakfast party with pints and potatoes, but much to my dismay, no one ever showed. It was so calm and quiet, we could hear the wind pushing the rain sideways against the tavern’s outer wall.

Spending your birthday alone isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a person. In fact, on any other day of the year I would be happy watching the Hoops alone. (Much like yesterday’s 7-0 defeat to FC Barcelona in Champions League play.) So, when Celtic found themselves up 2-0 just before half, I ran crazily throughout the facility looking for someone to celebrate with, like a young Jim Valvano after the Wolfpack won the NCAAs back in ’83. But, much too soon, the Rangers scored to make it 2-1 at the break.

Wrapped in bacon, our potato, sausage and egg burritos delighted the crowd (just GC, Bird and Boozer) until we hit the pitch ourselves for a quick futsal game out back.

When the teams return to the field, Celtic would add two more goals in the second half. Dembele replaced the injured Leigh Griffiths(hamstring) in the starting lineup.