Join the fun at Our Tavern during the Flag Day Fundraiser for Kids’ Food Basket on June 14th!

Coming up on June 14th, America will celebrate Old Glory on a national day of observance called Flag Day. The team at BeerCityHoops and BeerCitySports uses Flag Day every year to hold an event to raise money for a local West Michigan non-profit, with Kids’ Food Basket being the charity of choice for 2016. Kids’ Food Basket is the largest organization in West Michigan focused solely on childhood hunger.

image-1It’s a fundraiser, meet-and-greet party and LIVE recording of The 3-Point Turn podcast at the Our Tavern, 1219 Hamilton NW, on Grand Rapids’ WestSide. The event goes from 6pm-9m.

(Suggested $5 donation and/or WishList Items donation the door)

Local vendors have provided items for silent auction. Our broadcast starts at 6:30pm with special (almost famous) guests and co-hosts from around Beer City, USA and West Michigan. Local vendors have provided items for silent auction.

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RSVP on Facebook for a door prize*! 

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BeerCityHoops In Black t-shirt

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One in five Michigan children is food insecure, meaning kids are experiencing poverty. 49,560 children living in Kent, Muskegon and Ottawa Counties are food insecure and Kid’s Food Basket(KFB) is working to change that by helping nourish children to be their best, in school and in life. A lack of consistent, nutritious food limits cognitive development and leaves kids unable to concentrate in school. Additionally, without healthy food, children can demonstrate behavioral issues like irritability, aggression, and anxiety.

Through the Sack Suppers program, kids get well-balanced nutritious meals, filling the gap schools and parents often can’t afford. Each Sack Supper is powered by the love and support of our community. By partnering with individuals, families, businesses, food resources, other nonprofits, schools and teachers, Kids’ Food Basket helps nearly 7,500 kids. During the school year, nearly 250 volunteers prepare and deliver Sack Suppers to classrooms at 39 sites. During the summer, Sack Suppers are distributed at park sites each weekday by those volunteers. Through volunteering and educational programs, KFB helps children understand the challenges of hunger, and gives them the opportunity to lead projects that benefit fellow kids. Around 33% of hours volunteered come from youth under age 18, per

What can you do?

  • $1 = 1 Sack Supper. Sack Suppers support proper development of a child’s brain and body by giving them the nutrition they need to learn and live well. Each Sack Supper includes one serving of fresh fruits and vegetables, a meat or cheese sandwich, and two healthy snacks. Thanks to the generosity and support of our can-do community, nearly 7,500 children will receive their third meal of the day.

Donate $$ directly to KIDS’ FOOD BASKET!

  • Wish List Item Donation. • Individual fruit cups or pudding cups• Cracker packs• Granola bars• 100% fruit juice boxes

    • Brown/white paper lunch sacks: 8lb. or extra large

    • Snack size zipper bags

    • Bulk pretzels

    • Cheerios (plain)

    • Bulk cheez-its or goldfish crackers


  • Large quantity sources (4,000 servings or more). If you have a contact with a food company, please email or call (616) 235-4532.

Childhood hunger affects the whole community – and the whole community is a part of the solution.

It will take the support of many community members to end childhood hunger! There are so many ways you can join KFB’s work. Consider getting involved as a volunteer, providing items on the wish list, or making an online donation. With your help, you and KFB can ensure that lunch is not the last meal of the day for our community’s kids!

Be there! 

Please feel free to reach out to us by e-mail at or by phone at (616) 915-6748 with any questions, comments, concerns or donation inquiries.