LT the Commish to referee LA HS Football Championship

After an eight-year career chasing his dream, LT the Commish has reached the top!

LT, when it all started, standing on a table.

Michael “Landon” Trevor, commonly known as LT the Commish during his time here with BeerCitySports, has accepted an offer to referee in the LA City HS Football Championships this season.

LT more than deserves it…I am very proud of him.

After a grueling eight years of hard work, LT finds himself at the pinnacle. Having been called upon to be the voice of reason and law on the field Saturday in Los Angeles County, we know that his years of service and continued dedication to the game are being rewarded in the best way possible.

He’s come a long way from moving the chains in Cedar Springs, MI. It all started working at 78er games watching his younger brother. Ryan, who went on to play collegiately at Kalamazoo College, was all smiles talking about his older brother, “that it is really cool and inspiring. It just goes to show that hard work to your craft pays off. LT more than deserves it, he loves and has been dedicated to the game for so long. I am very proud of him.”

“He did that?”, a childhood friend reminisced. “Huh. Never even knew he liked football. Always thought music was his game.  Makes sense, though. He is ‘The Commish’.”

An avid hoops fan and court-runner, The Commish walked away from the hardwood in early 2001 after an incident in Calabasas, CA. Some guy named Phil the Glove put the lockdown on the Commish’s game like it was 1993 and so began the distinguished football officiating career of our beloved, Michael Trevor.

We couldn’t be more proud of our Man in Black & White. The Voice of Reason and Law. The Commish.

Congrats, LT!