Meet the Hawks: Guard Nichoals Robinson

Meet Hawks guard Nichoals Robinson. Originally from Ruston, Louisiana, Robinson graduated from Grand Rapids Union High School in 2011. He has played football for over 16 years, as well as basketball while in elemantary school when his team went 11-0 and won the championship.
Some of Robinson’s role models include Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and his cousin Ronald Millbrooks.

Outside of football, Robinson enjoys playing basketball, going out, and enjoying himslef around the city. He also makes a point of helping those in bad situations.

“Robinson is a solid lineman,” said head coach David Lange. “He is able to create the holes needed for our running backs, and is not a guy that defenders can easily move out of the way.”

“I talked to one of my former teammates to see where he was going to play a couple years ago, which was when I first heard of the West Michigan Hawks,” said Robinson. “He made it sound like it was going to be exciting, and that the team could use me. I jumped on board, and love it here. Thanks for the heads up, Ryan Bell!”

“Coach Lange is different from all the other coaches I’ve ever had,” he continued. “He’s the type of coach who motivates you. He helps you when you’re in need. He gives his all for this team. When he has done means a lot to me because we didn’t give up after a rough year last season. I love how we play for others, not just ourselves. I also love how we give back to our community. I have never done anything like this with any other team. This team is something special, and everyone on this team should consider themselves lucky to be a part of this organization. Thank you Coach Lange and the rest of the coaching staff, you guys are the reasons that we are succeeding at what we’re doing.”