Meet the Hawks: K/WR Dontae Ensley

Meet West Michigan Hawks kicker/wide receiver Dontae Ensley. Born and raised in Cedar Springs, Ensley graduated from Cedar Springs High School in 2013. He played his first year of semi-pro football with the Hawks last season, which was the first year of football he had ever played. Before football, Ensley played hockey for 16 years, and also has six years of soccer experience.

“My role models are Gordie Howe, as well as Michael Jordan and Will Smith,” said Ensley.

When he isn’t playing football with the Hawks, Ensley enjoys being outdoors, fishing, tubing, anything outside.

“I wanted to be a Hawk because there is much more to this organization than a normal team,” he said. “From the family you become with your teammates, to the support we give back to the community, it all shows that it can be done. I enjoy doing my part to do as I can to give back to this community.”

Head coach David Lange was pleasantly surprised to come across a talent like Ensley. “We actually found him kicking footballs at the field before one of our games last season,” said Lange. “We’re extremely thankful that we were able to convince him to join our team, and I’m very proud of the progress he has made since joining. He has made some really big plays for us, and continues to work hard to get better.”