“Pick 6”: Our Week 3 tribute to Jay Cutler

This week’s tribute to Jay Cutler from the BeerCityHoops crew, our NFL week 3 “Pick 6”:

  1. OAKLAND (-1) @ Tennessee: Pick ‘Em to start the week, now at Oakland -1; Raiders move the ball and score, the Titans fluke in the D is no sign they’re better than the 6 wins in their last 34 games.
  2. WASHINGTON (+3) @ New York Giants: Started at -4 and bet down to -3, but Cousins has a local cannon and we see the DC-8 soaring today. Plus, Ben McAdoo looks like a guy who doesn’t miss 3’s at rec league hoops.
  3. San Francisco @ SEATTLE (-9.5): Although the Seahawks look like they haven’t figured it out and Chip Kelly seems to give Pete Carroll trouble, Blaine Gabbert. 12th Man gets loud. Line started at -11.
  4. NY JETS (+3) @ Kansas City: Todd Bowles has Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball all over the field and the Jets may be real.
  5. San Diego @ INDIANAPOLIS (-1.5): Started at -3, Colts on the brink of 0-3 and Chuck Pagano reading of Odysseus in coach-speak cliches. Andrew Luck gets Mante Te’O to take bait, goes deep over middle to TEs.
  6. CHICAGO (+7) @ Dallas: Dak Prescott looks like a 10-year starter in the league and has weapons. But, it’s Sunday Night and Jay Cutler isn’t playing, so this game will be closer than anyone thinks. It’s just bad football.


For entertainment purposes only. BeerCityHoops uses the lines at vegasinsider.com.